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Hi, I'm Ryan Gregory!

Living and travelling in the Arctic regions of the Northwest Territories over the past 10 years has been an amazing and life changing experience.  I have been lucky to have had so many opportunities to be on the land, through guiding at remote fishing lodges, working as a Coordinator for Aquatic Research and Monitoring, our just spending time with friends and family fishing and hunting.


Through the years, I have built an extensive bucket list of places to return to with my fishing rod and a camera, so I can share my Arctic fishing experience with you and how to best catch fish in the Arctic and what it takes to survive.  With Record size fish around every possible corner and places where just the sheer numbers of fish you will catch, will have you worn out by noon.  The experience can be life changing in both good and bad in an instant up here.  You have to be prepared at all times, as you can be completely alone in the wilderness in a few short minutes, just outside of town limits and your cell phone is now just a fancy camera.


Fishing is a lifestyle I live with my family and friends and I continually work to support the Sport Fishing and Tourism Industry in the Northwest Territories, while promoting being in the outdoors with family and friends, while providing valuable information about fishing in the Arctic, to hopefully someday make your own experience of Fish’N The Arctic the experience of a lifetime. 

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